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Detroit's favorite
"Hidden Downtown Eatery"!


COLORS Restaurant - Detroit
is a fully-functioning, revenue generating restaurant that specializes in "farm to table” cuisine and operating the Colors Hospitality Opportunities for Workers Institute (CHOW Institute) - a non-profit front of the house training center for low to moderate income Detroit area residents.

Colors Detroit is managed by Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan (ROC Michigan)  – which is an affiliate of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United), a 501(C) 3 federally tax exempt organization.

Since opening in 2012, Colors Detroit has trained nearly 300 Detroit area residents for entry level front of the house positions (e.g. servers, bar backs, food runners) and placed nearly 70% of those trainees in local restaurants (including Colors) within 90 days.
Plan ahead... Gather your friends and reserve your seating with us ASAP!
Experience our Highly Touted COLORS Cuisine!
People come in HUNGRY and leave having had a sensational eating experience!

Fresh Ingredients

We use the Freshest Ingredients available which are grown RIGHT HERE in Michigan! Come Taste the Difference!

Let Us Cater to Your Needs

We are available to Cater in-house or On-Site for your next Business Luncheon or Private Affair.

Comfort or Custom Food?

You can partake of our existing Culinary Offerings or Call Ahead and have the CHEF prepare something specific to your needs.

Faster Service Times

We train Service Industry Professionals year round and we are grooming  them for Peak Performance.

*Online Reservations

Our Brand New Online Reservations system is now up!  We're working hard to make visiting us a lot easier for customers.

Increased Service Quality

Quality Service is a prerequisite for our Service Professionals in training. We are striving to be the Very Best!


Stop In and Check Out This Week's Lineup!
Open Mic Nite

We thought about it, and we decided to feature our Hometown Talent in an intimate format!  We want you to come out and Entertain the crowd during our Open Mic Nite starting this, and continuing each, Thursday!  It doesn't matter what your brand of entertainment is, whether you're a Comedian, Singer, Poet, or Author looking to do a book reading, we're allowing you to use COLORS as your stage!  Invite your friends and come out to have some FOOD, FUN, & DRINKS Showtime is @ 7:30 pm Every Week!
5-7 pm Thursdays

Restaurant Opportunities Centers of Michigan (ROC-MI) and The United States Bartenders Guild of Greater Detroit (USBG-D) strategically partner with local and national brands to facilitate our Mixology Training Courses where the onlookers get a chance to benefit from the specialty drinks being created.  Check with your server to determine special drink prices during the POWER HOUR!

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Steven The Entertainer 

For all of you nostalgic over that "Ol' Skool" sound & feel, you will enjoy the atmosphere that DJ Steven the Entertainer creates with his unique collection of VINYL Records that span from the Old School to recent Classics.  He will be spinning the records that you know and love, and maybe even some NEW Favorites that you aren't expecting!  His set begins at 7pm every Saturday Night...  Enjoy!

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"Loved the veggie snacker. The sweet potato fries and onion rings were great too. Really neat concept. It's clear that the servers are in training but it's so important that they have this real-world experience. Keep up the good work!"
Claire L.Lansing, MI.
"I don't get to make it back to Detroit often so when I do I like to find good local places to curb my appetite. I stopped by Colors on my last visit and I'm glad I found it! My Chicken Shawarma Wrap was great! I got the seasonal vegetables as a side and they had the perfect amount of garlic on them."
Kelso H.Detroit, MI.
"The food was amazing. We started off with with Moroccan spiced meatballs, amazing! Then we had the sweet potato wontons, also amazing. And then the burger, let me tell you about that, it was cooked to perfection. Perfectly juicy! The beef is grass fed and all ingredients are local in Detroit."
Anthony C.Madison Heights, MI.
"The food is really really really good. The salads have more than just iceberg and romaine (one of my pet peeves of Detroit area restaurants). They have great photos of local gardening in Detroit."
Tricia H.Detroit, MI.
"Went here for the lunch the other day and had a great time. The sweet potato fries were tempura-style, fried and oh-so-delicious. I'm sure whatever healthy aspect they had was probably null and void after the frying process, but it was worth it! The turkey burger is intense - a little meat heavy for my taste - but my dining companion is a HUGE fan and swears by this dish."
Karey Q.Downtown Detroit, MI.
"I just created a yelp account to write a review for Colors. I just finished my meal - the chicken shawarma and sweet potato fries. It was absolutely delicious. The batter on the sweet potato fries was so yummy. The chicken was seasoned and marinated to perfection."
Natalie H.Kalamazoo, MI.
"I've really enjoyed Colors both times I had lunch there. I recommend it to everyone. The concept is great and I've never been disappointed by the good. Great vegetarian options!"
Brittany Z.Detroit, MI.
"I was worried about this place. You get the hard sell on do-gooding (living wages and skill building opportunities for locals) in everything I read about here. You also get fed the info about locally and ethically sourced, organic, yadda yadda yadda. Sometimes you eat at one of these type joints and the taste is just meh. Not here. This is a place that will not only make you feel good about the concept but also great about the product."
Liz W.Belleville, MI.
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